Wednesday, 21 November 2012

My World Cup comeback race in Lake Louise

In 8 days I will be ‘officially’ back. So weird to say that Lake Louise will be my World Cup comeback race* - I don’t think that is the right word - ‘comeback’. It suggests I went away, MIA... well I was never gone. Yes, I distracted myself with some fantastic opportunities like commentating for Eurosport and taking part in Dancing on Ice but skiing Chemmy was always there.

I know a lot of people expect a lot from this blog - you want to know the raw feelings of racing my first big race on the very hill that threatened to end my career and all that over-the-topness. But in fact I feel weirdly peaceful. I know the hill, I know the terrain, I know I will be nervous and I am prepared for the jittery stomach.

I think my peace comes from the not expecting. Don’t get me wrong I am as ambitious as ever and I want to be fast - but I don’t want that competitiveness to get in the way of me enjoying this momentous two minutes that I fought so hard to be part of my life.

People will probably watch me race with two mindsets - those who know and support me will just want me to be safe and happy; cynics will be interested in the mental side - how tough is she? Is she attacking or skiing passive? Is she fast? Has the last two years been worth it? Were the federation right to stop supporting her?

I am not naive, I know what some are saying but only I know the true satisfaction of pushing out that start gate.

I owe this World Cup start to so many - from my amazing family and boyfriend, to my buddy Adam who was always there however down I was, to the fantastic people who put me back together Claire Lawrence and Cliff Eaton, to the trainers at The Third Space and Surrey Sports Park, to the Canadian Team for once again taking in this black sheep, to those who spent their precious pennies voting for me on Dancing on Ice that gave me the confidence and drive to be competitive in sport, to the fab sponsors that have come forward and the kind people who have donated to my website...

When I race now, when I push out that start whether it be a World Cup, the World Champs next year in Schladming or the Olympics in 2014, I know that I am not racing alone, YOU are racing with me.

Thank you as always for your continued love and support.

* When I say comeback race, I am not entirely telling the truth! I had the opportunity to race two SG FIS races last week with a fantastic World Cup field in Copper Mountain. Finished both in the top 10 and was smiling all day!!!

Image credit: Colmar


  1. All the best. You are already a winner. We will be cheering you on from London.

  2. I'm so happy you are back on the curse...I miss you very much.

    Uli, Germany