Wednesday, 4 January 2012


From Twitter...

I understand some people may be confused at my participation on DOI 2012. I am a rehabbing athlete who has NOT quit her first love skiing. After my horrendous crash last year ice skating is enabling me to find the link between my head and metal right leg. It is helping not hindering my rehab. I was never going to be able to compete in ski racing this year so DOI has given me numerous opportunities including teaching me how to feel my feet, strengthening sport specific muscles and raising the profile of me and the sport I love. Don't forget it costs me and our fed at least £90,000 per year for me to ski. I have to find money personally to cover this. The worst would be for me to fight back from injury only to find I don't have enough money to fund a world class programme. So sceptics be silenced I am doing this so that I can return to being Britain’s best World Cup skier. My aims and goals haven't changed. In fact they are stronger than ever!

Team Chemmy x

Tuesday, 3 January 2012


So it is now official, Chemmy will be appearing on Dancing On Ice 2012! The show starts on 8th January and keep checking back here and on twitter/facebook to follow Chemmy's progress.

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