Friday, 16 December 2011


Doing my first official presenting job for Ski Sunday this weekend in Courchevel covering the Women's Technical World Cup events... Can't wait to catch up with everyone and of course get my boots made for my brand spanking new right leg.

Just hope with all this fab snow we can take off and land!!


Friday, 9 December 2011


BUSY week but the events I have been to have made the few short sleeps really worth it.
All this great hype about the London Olympics is really exciting but don't forget the world’s biggest sporting event can only run because of a huge amount of generous and fantastic volunteers. This week, alongside Dalton Grant I went to Excel to the Olympic Volunteers Christmas party for a Q and A session. I think it’s really important for us athletes to show them how much we value all their hard work and efforts.

Then last night, after commentating on an exciting "Chicks of Prey" women’s world cup in Beaver Creek where Lindsey Vonn incredibly made it 4 from 4 to win in front of a home crowd under huge pressure, I ventured up town to participate in the All Stars Podium Magazine Sports Quiz alongside Matt Pinsent and Hugh Vyvaan.

Some events you go to because you feel you ought to... Last night I went and I had fun!! It was an intimate gathering of sports enthusiasts all looking for the win. We were robbed of the victory (Matt is still seething with bitterness) but had a great time nonetheless!
Next up is more training, more rehab before going to my first ever girls Christmas lunch (one of the only perks at still being injured is that for the first time ever I can get into the Christmas spirit and enjoy all the things I usually miss!)

Thanks for reading.

Happy day


Saturday, 26 November 2011


I am writing this from my 2nd Space (1st is home, 2nd is Eurosport and 3rd Space is my fantastic rehab centre in Soho).

Sadly, once again, commentating on a race I should be racing in. Soon, Chemmy soon!!

But I find commentating really helps me keep my head in the game. I love my sport - skiing is my passion, I think anyone who listened to my commentary with Matt Chilton can tell how enthusiastic we are.

It is NOT the same as being there, feeling the thrill of racing and going on the limit but it is the best I can do right now.

So far I can confirm the following racers on Eurosport with Matt and I:

Aspen, sat and sun
Lake Louise, fri, sat and sunday (Definitely tune in for this -  will be very interesting how I will feel commentating on the very race where exactly one year I had my massive crash!)
Lienz sat and sun

Stay tuned folks!!
Happy weekend

Friday, 25 November 2011


Hi Guys!

Just wanted to say welcome to Chemmy's new website! Keep checking for new updates, pictures and some exciting project announcements.

Team Chemmy

Thursday, 17 November 2011


10 months on from shattering my leg and I feel so close to being back on the slopes. Dangerously close in fact. Getting regular updates from Dougie (Crawford) and Julia (Mancuso) this summer both skiing down in the Southern Hemisphere was tough and I couldn't stop the green eyed monster from surfacing but at the same time back then I knew I had far to go! Now it is a different story - my leg feels strong, I finally have bone-y bridging, my mobility is maybe 60% as good as my other ankle and the only pain I feel is where the metal plate prevents my tibia from rotating (a painful position ONLY bought on when i simulate skiing ironically!)

With Winter fast approaching I don't know exactly what my near future holds. I DO know that next spring I will be back. I have been reading Hermann Maier's autobiog which Terry Bartlett sweetly gave me recently. He talks about how when he came back to snow after that horrific bike crash he still had a lot of pain. Skiing is obviously not the most natural biomechanical thing in the world - but like Hermann, skiing runs threw my blood. The thought of arching sweet, clean turns has helped me threw some dark times during rehab. And contrary to what people have said and written, I will NOT retire on a crash, not when I have the fantastic support of Atomic and the Canadian Womens Ski Team.

For regular updates on my crazy, topsy-turvy life check out my new website or follow me on twitter @ChemmySki

Thanks Racer Ready!