Wednesday, 4 January 2012


From Twitter...

I understand some people may be confused at my participation on DOI 2012. I am a rehabbing athlete who has NOT quit her first love skiing. After my horrendous crash last year ice skating is enabling me to find the link between my head and metal right leg. It is helping not hindering my rehab. I was never going to be able to compete in ski racing this year so DOI has given me numerous opportunities including teaching me how to feel my feet, strengthening sport specific muscles and raising the profile of me and the sport I love. Don't forget it costs me and our fed at least £90,000 per year for me to ski. I have to find money personally to cover this. The worst would be for me to fight back from injury only to find I don't have enough money to fund a world class programme. So sceptics be silenced I am doing this so that I can return to being Britain’s best World Cup skier. My aims and goals haven't changed. In fact they are stronger than ever!

Team Chemmy x


  1. it is easy to criticise other people. you are doing your best to recover from something most of us would just give up on. I didn't know who you are before DOI so just want to say well done and keep going.

  2. Hello I am a young woman and I hadn't herd of you untill tonight and you amazing performance on DOI . After hearing about your accident from your first clip I wanted to find out more and after reading your statement above you are clearly a committed sports woman and you give me inspiration. Good luck in this years series and with your recovery . Again amazing performance you should be proud

    Philippa x

  3. Chemmy I thought you were excellent tonight ... Great to see you back on the tv maybe not on ski's (just yet) but still in a Wintersport (of such)!!! Great to get your profile out there!!!
    Wishing you well for the rest of the competition I know you'll get far in it! x

  4. You were great on DOI Chemmy. I hope this helps you get back on your skis. You must have nerves of steel!
    Good luck.
    Frances (Rhian's Mum )

  5. Hi Chemmy, I have not seen you DOI performance, but I'm pleased that you did well. When I heard that you were going to be doing DOI I must admit I was a bit concerned. I realised that it was a great way to get funding for your Skiing, but was scared that you may injure yourself further. I am now reassured that this is part of your comeback, and really cannot wait to see you back on the slopes and Ski Sunday again in the future. All the best Mark.

  6. Hi Chemmy, I am a disabled dressage rider with ms and had a very bad fall off my horse last year. I broke my back and needed to have spinal surgery - not great and very painful with a slow recovery!! However 6 months later I was riding my horse again albeit very carefully with lots of help and support and I'm working hard at improving as much as I can every day.
    I absolutely loved watching you skate on DOI and - even though I'm a complete amateur in my chosen sport - I can identify a little with your amazing story about getting back your mindset, confidence and reconnecting your mind and body. You are an incredibly brave individual and I will be cheering you on all the way through DOI and onto your next time on the slopes. You are an inspiration!! Best of luck Jane xx

  7. Go Chemmy. Whatever you do our house will always support you. We are big fans of yours on skis or blades. What you are doing makes perfect sense can't wait to see you competing on skis again though.